Tips For Getting Through The Airport Easier And Faster

Tips For Getting Through The Airport Easier And Faster

download (72)The airport is getting busier and busier. Often, the lines at check-in and airport security are becoming longer. The usual two-hour rule leaves just a couple of minutes to spare to grab a snack or buy a magazine. Saving several extra minutes here and there along your way can certainly add up in your favour.

How To Painlessly And Quickly Get Through The Airport

Always check flight status before leaving home – This might seem an obvious thing for you to do but most people still fail to do it. It would also be a good idea for you to do the same prior to getting out of your car just before heading to the terminal since flight status updates change by the minute. With that said, a last-second check is a smart idea. Remember though that there are airlines that will text you regarding this if you sign up on their websites.

Consider checking in online – If you won’t check bags, this can surely save you time. Checking in online is also considered the best way for you to get the seat you want.

Always place your ID, boarding pass, and credit card or money in an accessible part of your bag – Experts say that there are 2 reasons for this. First, you ensure that you do not leave home without these important items. Second, you won’t be wasting a significant amount of time finding where you have placed them inside your bag.

Pack unnecessary things out of reach – The number one enemy of smooth passage through the airport is clutter. Hence, you need to pack out of reach anything that you won’t need between your front door and your airplane seat.

Know how to troubleshoot in case unforeseen situations happen – It would be a smart idea for you to program airline number in your phone. So if you get stuck because of a cancelled or delayed flight, you will know your options. Be reminded that if you have the phone numbers of the airlines that will fly your preferred route programmed in your phone, you will certainly get farther much faster if you don’t.

Check the map of the airport, rental car counter details and hotel shuttle info for your destination airport – It would be a hassle for you to navigate an unfamiliar place so you must equip yourself with a map, most especially when the airport is wide and very confusing. You also need to know where to find a rental car counter or perhaps the shuttle pickup locations. In case someone will pick you up at the airport, pre-arranging a pickup location is a must so he or she knows where to find you.


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