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Have a Quiet Flight – Prepare Your Home Before You Leave

Have a Quiet Flight – Prepare Your Home Before You Leave

download (67)There was a time when you could rush to the airport to check-in at the last minute, say your good-byes at the gate, and have pleasant chats with the pilot upon boarding the aircraft. This is far from the present situation when it comes to airline security. Though everyone wants a more secure airspace, many travelers have gotten used to the hassles of getting through airports. Taking this to mind, follow this guide so your travel time will be less challenging for everyone.

Before you even leave your home, see to it that the proper clothes and amenities are included in your carry-on. It may no longer be practical to wear your Sunday clothes, but a little amount of strategy can let you save time as you get through the long lines. Using loose, simple clothes will not only make you feel comfortable during the flight, but will also save you the trouble of removing those layers at the checkpoint. All kinds of metal accessories like your belt and jewelry have to be taken off at the security counter. As an option, place all metal such as keys and coins in a plastic bag or container inside you carry-on before your arrival. This will help facilitate a faster check-in process. Another important part of your wardrobe is your shoes. You need to be ready to take them off unless of course you are using flip-flops. Or else, you can wear a pair of slip-ons the next time you travel. When you are traveling with children below 12, they do not have to remove their shoes.

Airport safety officials (such as TSA agents) will also want to inspect anything you bring in your check-in baggage. If you lock your bags, be aware that the personnel can destroy the lock so as to check the items in it. To avoid this, use a locking mechanism recognized by TSA, which can only be opened by TSA. However, if you board an international flight, you still have to face the risks of having your locks broken for the purpose of inspection. Some rules of thumb when it comes to packing checked baggage: you can take along a pack of sporting equipment, knives and swords, but nothing explosive or flammable. Alcohol is flammable, so think again before taking home a bottle of vodka from Russia.

Since restrictions can change from time to time, check the Transportation Security Administration’s website to get updates whenever you travel.

  • Avoid packing or taking along prohibited items to the airports.
  • Let your gifts remain unwrapped since they may be inspected.
  • Do not wear clothes, jewelry or accessories with metal because they may trigger the alarm on the metal detector.
  • Avoid carrying excess baggage. This is limited to only one carry-on bag, as well as one personal item. The latter may be a purse, camera case, briefcase, small backpack or laptop. Don’t forget: 1 + 1.
  • Include some form of identification on every baggage. Remember your laptop.
  • Layering your items is important in packing your carry-on luggage. The x-ray technician will find it easy to inspect your items when your luggage consists of an orderly layer of clothing, electronic and heavier things. If everything is topsy-turvy inside your bag and not separated, even an uncomplicated item like an mp3 player or cell phone can look like a potential risk in an x-ray.