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Some Ways Why Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Stands Out

Some Ways Why Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Stands Out

download (76)Among the leading U.S. airlines, Alaska Airlines is known for its excelling services to a range of destinations. One of the reasons why it stands out from the rest is that it has still managed to become a strong competitor for all the other leading airlines around the world. Alaska Airlines is not part of any of the major alliances; oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance. Despite this, its strong partnerships with different airlines are something worth a mention. This makes Alaska Airlines stand out from all the rest and that is only one of the many reasons.

Are you confused about collecting Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles? Here are the top reasons why it is one of the most comprehensive frequent flyer programs.

1. Collecting Miles

One of the reasons that make any loyalty program good is that it should make it easier to earn air miles. If you can’t have ease in collecting them, there is little point in investing in the airline. Naturally, no redemption is worthwhile if collecting them is so difficult.

This is where Alaska Airlines is very generous with the loyal members. Earning air miles is extremely easy through the airline. The airline lets you earn a pool of air miles through plenty of ways. If you are using Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card, you’ll be happy to get plenty of travel perks. Every expense met through the credit card will bring you closer to your travel dreams. It doesn’t stop here. Miles can be earned through the shopping portal and several other simple ways such as filling surveys, dining out and through the affiliated partners of the airline.

2. Every Airline is Charged Differently

Beginners to this frequent flyer program may think this is a huge disadvantage and an added hassle. Instead, it is a blessing in disguise. Depending on the airline you select for you journey, the airline would charge you a different rate. This is unusual because most airlines stick to the standard rates. If the route is the same, the fare is still going to depend on the airline so it’s best to know this before you take a step into it. How is that a fantastic choice? You’ll never be short of choices! There will be always some attractive route which can help you to travel with less cost.

3. Gateway to Asia

One of the best reasons for choosing Alaska Airlines is that it is an ideal airline for domestic flights. In addition, for international flights to Asia, the airline is also a fantastic choice!

This is because of its affiliation with American Airlines. The routes to Japan and Korea work out to be great through this. In addition, the airline’s strong partnership with Cathay Pacific is also an added advantage for the frequent flyers because of extensive Asian routes.