Preparing Your Home Before Your Flight

Preparing Your Home Before Your Flight

download (69)Depending on how long you will be away on a trip, there are lots of things you should do before you leave your home:

Place all your mail and deliveries on hold

While you are away, your mail, magazines and newspapers will pile up, making it obvious that no one is around. To prevent burglars from targeting your home, place all deliveries temporarily on hold. Contact the newspaper circulation department to instruct them to only resume delivery when you arrive. Also, call or visit the nearest post office to place your mail on hold while you are away.

Arrange pet care

If you can’t take along your furry friends, see to it that they will be well taken care and provided for before you leave. This means that you need to make reservations with your vet, “doggie day care” or pet sitters within your vicinity. If this is the first time for your pet to be with a pet sitting service, it would help to arrange a meeting ahead of time with the pet sitter for both to be introduced. If your pet will stay outside your home, think of dropping your pet off to stay for a few hours at the day care for doggies as a trial in preparation for a longer stay. However, if you can take your furry friend with you, look into our tips on flying with pets.

Check out the following pet care checklist.

    • Make sure that the vaccinations of your pet are up-to-date


    • While you are away, leave valuable information with the pet sitter, including emergency phone numbers, vet contact details and your contact info, as well as itinerary


    • Give the daily schedule and habits of your pet, as well as additional instructions to the pet sitter


    • In case your pet stays outside your home, make sure to pack more than enough food to meet your pet’s needs if ever your arrival has been moved plus medicine, favorite toys and treats. Also leave a piece of your clothing to feel comforted and be reminded of you while you are away.


  • Confirm your reservation before the trip.

Hire a house caretaker

Request neighbors or family members to check on your home every once in a while, and be alert of any suspicious people or activity during your absence. Don’t forget to give them a souvenir as a simple gesture for watching your home, watering your plants and getting your mail/newspapers (if you won’t be away for long, there is no need to put deliveries on hold)

Arrange a trip to the airport

Hire a car service or map your route by means of public transportation before reaching your destination.

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