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How to Get Best International Flight Deals

How to Get Best International Flight Deals

images (20)A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Often that single step is the booking of flight tickets. It is more so if you are traveling to an international destination. But getting the best international flight deals can be a nerve-racking experience in itself. With skyrocketing airfares, you may find that booking an international flight is a budget-busting affair. While you can’t avoid traveling, you can actually avoid spending an exorbitant amount on your flight tickets. If you are willing to invest a little time and energy, you may save a lot on your next international flight deal.

We reveal to you how you can get the best international flight deals:

Compare nonstop and multi-stop flight fares

Most people want to reach their destination as quickly as possible. A nonstop flight precisely serves this purpose. It enables you to fly to your destination without any break. But usually nonstop flights happen to be the most expensive ones. Compared to them, multi-stop flights significantly increase your travel time but are pocket-friendly. In order to save on your international flight deals, compare the prices of nonstop and multi-stop flights available for your destination. After all, spending some extra time in transit may well be worth a great deal.

Check all airlines before taking a final call

Often people confirm their international flight deals without considering all the carriers. Sometimes mass-airline search engines fail to reveal international flight deals offered by budget airlines. One way to overcome this issue is to check on Wikipedia about the carriers that serve your destination city. Once you know about the carriers, you can compare their prices. Be aware that budget airlines provide some restrictions such as less leg room and no free in-flight food and drinks. So, consider these factors before taking your final call.

Consider alternate airports for your travel

Major cities around the world have more than one airport to consider for touching down. Some destinations have a second airport nearby that requires an hour or so to reach from the city. These alternate airports can prove to be less expensive without being much inconvenient. The main reason for considering such airports is to find economical international flight deals. Often these alternate airports are serviced by low-fare airlines that offer inexpensive deals. Also, such airports offer easy access to rental cars and lower parking rates as compared to giant flight hubs. Thus, alternate airports can save you big bucks on your international flight deals.

The History, The Today, The Tomorrow Of Northwest Airlines

The History, The Today, The Tomorrow Of Northwest Airlines

download (74)Every airline has a history, some are to more extent than others, but to be where they are today, they have a history that got them there. And Northwest Airlines is no exception. They are also one of the oldest airlines as well as one of the world’s leading airlines, something that other airlines can’t claim.

The years that have gone into building this company have a lot to do with who they are today. The journey of this company began in the early 1920s by Colonel Lewis Brittin, in the Northwest Territory of Michigan, hence the name. Northwest Airlines was originally started as a way to deliver mail from Chicago to the Twin Cities and back using bi-planes that had open cockpits.

With all the curves and turns that history has, Northwest Airlines would become a favored and popular passenger airline service in 1927 and a year later, they were transporting as many as 6 passengers at a time.

That same year, Northwest Airlines would begin making international flights with passengers and the company was sold in 1929 to a businessman from Minnesota and the name would change 5 years later and then to Republic Airlines and eventually ending up with Delta Airlines as their parent company.

The Early Years Saw Many Accomplishments

Northwest Airlines went on to make big and unprecedented accomplishments to other states and other countries. In 1947, they were the only operating airline that had direct route flights to offer from between two countries. The red tails on their planes became a trademark that is still held today even though they are owned by Delta Airlines.

That Delta Merger

In 2008, the merger was approved, marking another historical moment for Northwest Airlines. For 2 years, they would maintain its name. It wasn’t until 2010 when they began flying under the Delta name. This merger was historical on many fronts, with the main one being it created the world’s largest airline.

As it is when any 2 companies merge, especially well-established companies, there were many bumps in the road. But perseverance by the employees of each would make it one successful company that it is today. Just like so many times over the years, Northwest Airlines would prove to be able and willing to step into unknown territory.

Northwest Airlines has gone on to expand its connections making life easier for the traveler. Joining forces Delta Airlines has enabled both companies to become a fixed mainstay resource for many. This has created an even richer history for the company that will most likely carry on for many more years.


Travel Smarter With Our Airport Parking Tips

Travel Smarter With Our Airport Parking Tips

download (73)If you are travelling often to the airport you are not alone. During those busy times, you already have enough on your mind – dealing with road traffic, trying to be on time, packing your bags. You don’t need to add on to frustrations that can come during the holiday travel season. Fortunately, using some airport parking tips you can have a stress free and pleasant experience.

1. Reserve Your Parking Spot in Advance

During the busiest travel days, traffic to the airport can become overfilled. As the holiday season approaches – everyone wants to visit their friends and families so it is important to book a parking place in advance. Knowing the rules if you decide to use airport parking you can book your parking spot online and that will reduce the time spent at the checkpoint. People are stuck in the airport parking trying to find an appropriate space for their car, which becomes a huge problem. To avoid this unpleasant situation, you need to arrange a parking place in advance by simply entering your check in and out time.

2. Look for Parking Coupons

Using parking coupons before purchasing a parking spot can save you money on parking. When you arrive at the airport some parking vendors, like airport parking, are offering unbelievable promotions you don’t want to miss. So if you travel often you can take advantage and use web promotions, weekend discounts and holiday coupons. I think that everyone will agree that coupons are something that we all look for these days.

3. Valet parking is Ideal for Families

Before leaving your car to catch your plane, make sure to choose one of the additional parking services that can make you travel easier. Families especially appreciate valet parking for off airport parking and a shuttle driver who will help them with the baggage and their little ones. This is so much better than other options like taking a cab or asking a friend to help get your luggage as you arrive at the airport.

4. Travelling Alone for the First Time

It’s important that your documents are secure and safe while you are on your trip. Just obey the restrictions, regulations and the time your flight is scheduled so you can have peace of mind right to your final destination.

5. Consider Airport Delays

Nothing throws a wrench into your mood like an airport delay. The reason may be unpredictable bad weather, technical difficulties or security problems. Whether flying to a distant place have all of your bags packed and directions printed out in advance and be sure to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight. Airlines are not obligated to compensate these delays so check the airline website before leaving your home to see if there are any updates or alerts that may refer to you.

Often times, it is impossible to predict how busy the airport is so you may get caught by the crowd and security lines.


How Cargo Flights Work

How Cargo Flights Work

images (19)The working of cargo flights is not known to the general public, unlike passenger flights, which are familiar to everyone. That is because most people must have travelled in a passenger flight once in their lifetime or would have at least visited an air terminal. Those who have not travelled in a passenger flight will be still familiar with it, thanks to movies and television channels.

Compared to domestic flights cargo flights are a bit different. They are often stationed away from passenger terminals so the general public is oblivious of its day-to-day operations.

Pilots who fly domestic flights can also fly cargo flights. The difference is that the reward offered by the big cargo airlines is competitive and sometimes even higher than that of these flights. This is because cargo companies enjoy high revenue margins, even in tough economic times. That is why many pilots consider the job of flying cargo flights an attractive career choice.

Cargo airlines fly the same common models of heavy jets but in a cargo configuration. Some of the leading aircraft manufactures have cargo versions of their popular passenger flights. Older passenger jets are also used as cargo flights by converting them into freighters in a broad renovation process. After the renovation they will be as good as new for cargo service.

The flight deck of a freighter is almost similar to the flight deck of the passenger model. Piloting a freighter is similar to flying a passenger flight. Both pilots need to have special license and similar experience.

However, the similarity ends with the cockpit. The most observable external facet on a freighter is the large cargo door on the side. The large door is fixed for easy loading and unloading of cargo from the main deck. There are also large belly doors under the main deck for the same purpose. Every inch of available space is used for freight.

Just like this, time and schedules are fixed and followed to the T by cargo flight operators. A cargo flight normally makes at least one stop before arriving at its target in the early morning. At each stop, a ground crew comprising mechanics, loaders, tug drivers and fuel trucks take charge and do their work as quickly as possible. The flight crew makes use of this time to complete checklists, review the weather, and load new data into the navigation system. All the work is completed 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. When there is only 5 minutes for departure, all the vehicles will exit and a tug is hooked to the jet’s front wheel, ready to push the aircraft back to the taxiway.

For short distance cargo flights there will be only two crew members – a captain and first officer. Long distance cargo flights will have three or four crew members just like a passenger flight.