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Tips For Getting Through The Airport Easier And Faster

Tips For Getting Through The Airport Easier And Faster

download (72)The airport is getting busier and busier. Often, the lines at check-in and airport security are becoming longer. The usual two-hour rule leaves just a couple of minutes to spare to grab a snack or buy a magazine. Saving several extra minutes here and there along your way can certainly add up in your favour.

How To Painlessly And Quickly Get Through The Airport

Always check flight status before leaving home – This might seem an obvious thing for you to do but most people still fail to do it. It would also be a good idea for you to do the same prior to getting out of your car just before heading to the terminal since flight status updates change by the minute. With that said, a last-second check is a smart idea. Remember though that there are airlines that will text you regarding this if you sign up on their websites.

Consider checking in online – If you won’t check bags, this can surely save you time. Checking in online is also considered the best way for you to get the seat you want.

Always place your ID, boarding pass, and credit card or money in an accessible part of your bag – Experts say that there are 2 reasons for this. First, you ensure that you do not leave home without these important items. Second, you won’t be wasting a significant amount of time finding where you have placed them inside your bag.

Pack unnecessary things out of reach – The number one enemy of smooth passage through the airport is clutter. Hence, you need to pack out of reach anything that you won’t need between your front door and your airplane seat.

Know how to troubleshoot in case unforeseen situations happen – It would be a smart idea for you to program airline number in your phone. So if you get stuck because of a cancelled or delayed flight, you will know your options. Be reminded that if you have the phone numbers of the airlines that will fly your preferred route programmed in your phone, you will certainly get farther much faster if you don’t.

Check the map of the airport, rental car counter details and hotel shuttle info for your destination airport – It would be a hassle for you to navigate an unfamiliar place so you must equip yourself with a map, most especially when the airport is wide and very confusing. You also need to know where to find a rental car counter or perhaps the shuttle pickup locations. In case someone will pick you up at the airport, pre-arranging a pickup location is a must so he or she knows where to find you.


Transportation Choices to and From the Airport – Which Is Best?

Transportation Choices to and From the Airport – Which Is Best?

download (77)Those who are traveling have many choices of how to get from the airport to their destination, or home to the airport. There is airport limo service, buses, trains, shared-ride vans, taxis and driving oneself then utilizing long or short-term parking. The decision is never easy, but to help decide here are some tips and info on each method.


As far as convenience, there’s not better than getting to the airport, picking up baggage and then walking outside for a taxi that’s ready and waiting. However, depending on where one is headed the fair may be astronomical. If unsure of typical fares, it’s smart to ask ahead of time what the fare would be approximately. It’s easy to become frustrated when hopping in a cab only to be dropped off and told that twice as much is owed as planned for. That will really cut into a traveler’s budget!

Another consideration is current traffic, and how long it will take to get to the destination. Does the driver know alternate routes to avoid backups? When the meter is running, every second counts. To be sure, a street map is smart to have on hand so that the rider isn’t swindled. Is there a surcharge for airport pickup? Many taxis add this on, and automatically assume that the customer is aware.

One last tip is to call ahead to the hotel and ask about how much a taxi from the airport will be, armed with this information one can be better prepared. Plus, they may recommend a better, more affordable method to getting there.

Airport Limo Service

To the surprise of many, airport limo service is sometimes cheaper than securing a taxi. This is because the rates for airport limo service are fixed and have nothing to do with traffic or the time it takes to get to the destination. In fact, limos count on incentives or tips to get their passengers from one place to the next, and have an interest in getting them there safely and comfortably. Many drivers will give tips and information on the area as well. This is a great way to indulge upon arrival and enjoy a stress-free ride.

Public Transport

Public transportation is certainly the most popular and affordable way to and from the airport. There are buses, trains and subways that one can take depending on the destination. However, depending on what time it is this choice may not be the fastest as they may frequent stops and could require transfers. So, if one is on a tight schedule they should consider a taxi or airport limo service instead.

Trains tend to be a lot faster than buses or taxis, since they have to navigate through traffic. However, many don’t like dragging luggage up and down stairs and through terminals as it can be a headache. Check the schedules before making a decision and see if it will work for the time frame involved.

Shuttle Vans

Perhaps the cheapest way to get to and from the airport is the provided shuttle vans that most airports offer. They are definitely great for a vacation budget, and will pick up a group of passengers right from their doorstep, office or hotel and be sure to get everyone to the airport on time. They’re certainly cheaper than a taxi, and have the airport’s reputation to uphold so drivers are friendly and helpful.


· Shared ride shuttles: for anyone taking bags and having the driver help unload or load them it’s typical to give them a few dollars in tip money.

· Sedans/limos: for airport limo service, the most common type of tipping is a percentage of the fare. This is usually around 15%.

Expert Tips To Fly Around The World Easily

Expert Tips To Fly Around The World Easily

download (70)Each one of us wishes we could fly around the world and explore its timeless beauty. It’s one of the best feelings to be trotting the globe and experiencing it with all your senses. Traveling surely brings out the best in you and helps you to learn so much along the way. It helps you to discover new dimensions in your personality and make lifelong friends. The benefits of traveling are never ending.

If you wish to fly around the world, here are some expert tips we have gathered from frequent flyers all around the globe.

1. Embrace the New Surroundings

Cultural shock can be awkward at times, and you must learn to accept it. Everywhere you head towards; you’ll come across people who are very different. The culture is different to that of yours and the language might turn out to be a huge barrier. However, you should never make a huge fuss about this. Embrace these differences as they are and learn to appreciate them. The whole point to travel is to keep your mind open and stay positive about the journey. You must always be respectful of the locals.

2. Get Travel Insurance

The world can be a little unpredictable at times. You wouldn’t wish for things to go wrong in order to experience it. It’s best to be prepared ahead of time and tackle with the worst of travel troubles.

To do so, getting travel insurance is an absolute must. A lot of travelers think this is merely added costs to the travel. However, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t buy it. There are plenty of cheap insurance covers that do a fine job. Never wait for the unforeseen to happen, always be prepared at your best. Travel insurance guards you in the best manner.

3. Backpacking

If you are traveling to multiple destinations, it is best to go backpacking. This removes your packing stress significantly. Backpacking is a great way of exploring new destinations as you can move from one place to another at complete ease. A good quality backpack is all you need to get started so that it rests lightly on your shoulders.

Pack all the essentials you would need for the trip, and do not forget packing a comprehensive map.

4. Use Multi-City Flight Search

Multi-city flight options have become increasingly popular. This is a great way of exploring multiple destinations in a single trip. Luckily, all our grand travel plans can be settled. In this regard, technology is your best friend. Booking these flights is not an easy task for a beginner and you need to be patient and flexible to search for the most ideal options. It’s best to do your homework when you begin searching for these flights. Once you find different routes, compare the costs to ensure you book the best option.

Give Me Space, Airplane Seat Etiquette

Give Me Space, Airplane Seat Etiquette

download (71)Looking forward to your next trip? Do you have your airplane seat assignment? What about the passenger that doesn’t want to follow airplane seat etiquette? Back in the day, you could usually count on the middle seat being empty. Red eye flights would allow you to have an entire row to yourself. Not so, anymore. As most planes tend to go out full, airplane seat etiquette is disappearing.

Give me space

About a year ago, I took a flight, where I had an aisle seat. The row was full and the person in the middle seat had one foot under the seat in front of me and the other foot under the seat in front of the person in the window seat. I understand the middle seat is not as comfortable as the other two seats, so I think they should get both armrests. But also taking part of my space where I can stretch my legs is encroaching on my space. So, what do you do? Luckily, when he moved to get something out of his bag, his feet moved and didn’t come back under the seat in front of me. But, what if they had come back, then what? A cramped seat for the entire flight?

Should you recline your seat?

Nowadays, whether to recline your seat or not has been up for some debate. I admit sitting up straight for the entire flight is not very comfortable. Reclining your seat also has its issues for the person sitting behind you. If they’re trying to use their tray with their laptop or eating a meal, the reclined seat tends to make it very difficult for them. Maybe a compromise, reclining the seat just half-way. They have more space to eat and work. You have a slight recline to take a nap while flying to your destination.

Have you ever been slowly falling asleep just to be woken up by the person behind you, grabbing your seat to help them stand up? When this has happened to me, it’s not enough to grab my seatback, normally they get a handful of hair as well. A better approach may be to push down on your own armrests to lift yourself up and out of your seat instead of pulling down on the seat in front of you.

Let’s not forget children kicking seats and dropping tray tables

Have you ever been on a flight where the child sitting behind you constantly kicks your seatback? Then if that’s not enough, they start unlatching the tray table, allowing it to drop over and over. What do you do? Turn around and ask the parent to have their child stop kicking your seat? You would think you shouldn’t have to ask!

I was on one flight where the person sitting next to me told me the following story. A lady was sitting in her seat where a child was constantly kicking the back of her seat throughout the flight. She turned around and asked the mother to please tell her child to stop. The mother told her the child was just playing and would soon stop. After an hour of this, she turned around again repeating her request to stop the child from kicking her seat. The mother’s response was “children will be children”. Finally, she got up, when to a child sitting behind the mother and told her she’d give her $20.00 to kick the mother’s seat the rest of the flight. $10.00 now and $10.00 at the end of the flight! As she walked back to her seat, she turned to the mother and said, “You’re right! Children will be children. Enjoy the rest of your flight”! Fact or Fiction? You decide!

I’m not recommending kicking someone’s seat to get your point across, but you can see how quickly tempers can flare making for a long flight. Have you experienced any of these problems on your flights.? How did you handle the situation? If everyone practiced airplane seat etiquette, it would be much more enjoyable for everyone.


The Airport Parking Services You Should Look For

The Airport Parking Services You Should Look For

images (18)When it comes to parking your car at the airport, a lot of people are so focused on booking early and getting the cheapest price that they do not bother to look at services and amenities. This has the potential for disaster, as some companies simply do not provide good service or any services at all. You want to book with a reliable, reputable provider who has the safety of you and your vehicle in mind at all times. This is especially true if you are leaving the country and require long term parking.

The first, and arguably most important service is that they should have a shuttle. Most long term parking areas are not right on the airport property. Instead, they are privately owned lots that may be across the street or down the road from the terminals. In these cases, you should be able to park and then catch a bus or shuttle to the terminal of your choice.

Also, make sure these shuttles leave frequently. They should run at least every 30 minutes, if not more often. If they leave only once an hour, that could actually lead you to being late for your flight. They should also be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for red eye travelers.

Most of these lots have fences around them, but fences alone are not enough to deter possible car thieves. That’s why you should only go with a company that has additional security measures to protect your vehicle. A car is far too expensive to leave up to chance. Some security measures that are good to look for include cameras with remote monitoring and recording. Perhaps they might have a security guard around the clock to deter fence jumpers as well.

If you live in a very hot or sunny climate, you may want to rent a spot from a place that has covered parking. Imagine coming home after a long trip to find the inside of your car so hot that you can barely sit on your seat. Or perhaps there was a freak hail storm while you were gone, and now your car is damaged. Avoid these possible issues by going for covered parking, even if it costs a little bit extra.

If you really want to get luxurious and full service when it comes to amenities, you can look for one of the companies that offers car washing service. If you like having a clean and tidy car, and hate getting into one that is dirty, there are some that offer full washes and even interior cleaning such as vacuuming and air fresheners.

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, ask about discounts. Even with the fancier amenities, if you park frequently, some will still offer you big discounts. Ask about a loyalty club or bulk discounts and see how much you can save.

Of course, it is not a good idea to focus only on price. Sometimes it is worth it to spend a little bit extra on your long term international airport parking to get that covered spot, or go with a parking lot that has extra security. Do what you feel comfortable with that is within your budget, and have safe, worry free travels.